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The ability to express breast milk is invaluable in supporting and prolonging breastfeeding with today’s busy lifestyles. Of course breastfeeding is all your baby needs, but many moms need or choose to express their milk at times to give them more flexibility. In the very early days expressing can help new moms get over any […]

Seven months ago we had never even heard about the novel Corona Virus or COVID-19. Fast-forward to today; COVID-19 forms part of our daily conversation, it impacts on every decision we take from whether or not we should go to work, send our kids to school, restock our fridge or visit our parents. Who could […]

The University of Pretoria (UP) has seen yet another EdTech start-up emerge into the South African market from its entrepreneurial ecosystem. Wingu Academy is a cloud-based platform offering educational support to homeschoolers, schools and tutor centres with an emphasis on quality, affordable education for the African continent.  Wingu Academy boasts live classes and tutorials, 4IR […]

If you’re worried about how your children will weather the Covid-19 storm, you’re not alone! e The pandemic and lockdown have changed children’s lives in many ways. Especially now with schools closing again – disrupted routines, uncertainty, and parental anxiety scan have an impact on children’s mental health. We spoke to counselling psychologist Reabetsoe Buys […]

Previously, we have written about why a healthy, balanced diet and getting a good night’s sleep is important for studying and concentration. We all know exercise is important for our general health, but what many of us may not know is that exercise has many benefits specifically in relation to our brain’s ability to perform […]

Bath-time is always fun for babies, but ensuring their delicate skin is looked after is usually a parents concern. Chicco imports the finest selection of baby grooming products from Italy – all of which have been vigorously tested in the Chicco Observatory Lab in Como, Italy, by top doctors, paediatricians, dentists, psychologists and even parents. […]

What is blended learning? There is no single definition, but there is a general consensus that blended learning involves a combination of face-to-face (either onsite or online) with online experiences to produce effective, efficient and flexible learning. Blended learning does not mean online learning. Simply teaching online in a “virtual school” with a teacher presenting […]

The relationship between siblings is very special, no matter what the age.  A good, trusting relationship does not just automatically happen.  As a parent, opportunities for developing this kind of relationship need to be given so that it can be built from a very young age. When a child is told that a little brother […]

Choosing the subjects they will sit for during the National Senior Certificate exam three years from now is an important and challenging task facing Grade Nines at the moment, because this combination of subjects will influence their choices down the line, and impact on performance and motivation over the next three years and beyond. Therefore […]

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