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Childs Farm has no apostrophe; it’s named after the founder’s farm. All Childs Farm products are subject to clinical safety testing and independent user testing; full details available upon request. Who is Childs Farm? Launched in 2011 by Mum of two Joanna Jensen, Childs Farm is the second largest baby & child toiletries brand in […]

Those early weeks with a new baby can be magical… and exhausting. You’re still working out how to hold a slippery baby while you wash their delicate skin, and you’re learning what they like and don’t like (clue: they’ll definitely let you know). You don’t need to use moisturiser at this stage, but as you start taking your baby out and about more, their skin is exposed to more toxins from the outside world and might start getting dry.

Skin can become inflamed and dehydrated in the winter months due to harsher weather outside and the effects of central heating inside. Skin dehydration tends to be worse straight after summer due to prolonged sunlight and heat, acting as triggers that are out of our control. Skin can also develop increased areas of pigmentation during summer months.

No parent wants to see their child suffer from Eczema and sensitive skin conditions. We started Childs Farm because we wanted to make natural and fun toiletries that cared for the unique needs of young skin and hair; our products are suitable for sensitive skin and safe for people who may be prone to eczema.

One of the UK’s most popular and multi-award winning brands, Childs Farm is designed for all skin types, including sensitive and even eczema prone skin – clinically proven to be suitable for new-borns and upwards and all products have been paediatrician and dermatologist approved so you can use it on the most delicate of skin with confidence. All our products contain over 98% naturally derived ingredients. There are no artificial colours and it is free-from parabens, SLSs and mineral oils

Childs Farms Core Child range is packed with a variety of different products which include moisturisers, bubble baths and shampoos. They only use the best naturally derived ingredients and essential oils that are gentle on sensitive skin and hair of new-born, babies and children.

Eczema can be incredibly uncomfortable for children and it’s upsetting for parents to see their child suffering with itching, cracked and bleeding skin. Parents may feel they have to stop their children playing and swimming outside because of high pollen counts and chlorine or even avoid having a bubble bath with their siblings for fear of irritation. It’s clear to see why so many parents are left feeling pretty desperate, but eczema doesn’t have to limit children any longer!