Dr Tamara Jaye Author

Seven months ago we had never even heard about the novel Corona Virus or COVID-19. Fast-forward to today; COVID-19 forms part of our daily conversation, it impacts on every decision we take from whether or not we should go to work, send our kids to school, restock our fridge or visit our parents. Who could […]

With home-schooling becoming the new norm, many parents are now faced with seeing their children in a different role as a student, and they have been forced into becoming the, often ill-equipped, teacher. Some parents are finding this incredibly difficult, and especially those whose children are not getting on with the schoolwork with as much ease as they’d expect.

What is eczema? Atopic eczema is a common chronic skin condition that causes dry, red and itchy skin. It may affect up to 20% of infants, and 3% of adults. It is commonly associated with other allergic disease such as asthma and hay fever. Atopic eczema usually begins in infancy, at around 3 months, and […]

Does your teenager suffer from hay fever?   Does he complain that certain fruits or nuts make his whole mouth feel itchy, his tongue swollen or his throat scratchy? Does this  mouth discomfort only last for a few minutes and then resolve on its own, often not requiring treatment? Is this reaction confined to his […]