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Breast-feeding is a special time for mom and baby alike. It creates excellent bonding, and is a primary immunity-building mechanism, but above all else, is the best way to issue nutrition to an infant.  Yet it’s not always as simple as others would have us believe and most breast-feeding moms will admit to needing a […]

Breastfeeding when you’re out is convenient, hygienic and the most natural and healthy way for your baby to feed – so be proud of what you’re doing! It allows you to easily and discreetly feed your baby when you’re outside the home, anytime, without having to pack lots of feeding equipment. It’s natural that you might feel a bit self-conscious at first but there are lots of moms out there enjoying the freedom breastfeeding allows – here are some Do’s and Don’ts to help you join them with confidence.

Socialising is often a big concern for prospective home schoolers as well as the family of home schoolers. However, these students often get to socialize with a greater variety of age groups when compared to learners who attend mainstream schools.

The Philips Avent breastfeeding range is designed to support you through every step of your breastfeeding journey. Whether you want to develop your milk supply, take care of your breasts, or simply fit more into your day, our breast care accessories make breastfeeding easier.

Have you ever had that feeling that you just cannot give your baby enough hugs? And that you just want to hold her as much as possible. Well good news, a recent study [1] has found that hugging your baby during the early part of their life can help with brain development, as well as help with other trauma newborns may experience.

‘Innovation has paved the way for an alternative form of education and with the latest technology, Brainline is bridging the gap to accommodate the digital age. In 2019, the focus was on masterclasses to prepare learners for tests and tasks. This year saw the introduction of Brainline Cloud School, the hub of teaching. Here, the focus is on the learner and innovation regarding teaching and facilitation,’ says Coleen Cronje, Brainline Chief Executive Officer.

Surely, with how the world we live in is changing, and with all of our technological advances, something as old fashioned as nursery rhymes should be a thing of the past? Toddlers now have access to televisions, Ipads, cell phones and YouTube, and some even know how to operate these on their own… should nursery rhymes (which have been around for centuries) be given the boot?