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There is a reason why they call it the terrible two’s and the behavior issues you might be having with your toddler is the classic chicken-egg situation with sleep. Your child’s’ development could be affecting their sleep BUT lack of sleep could make them seriously cranky during the day. What is a sleep regression? A […]

The toddler phase is so amazing as they develop into little humans with cute mannerisms and sayings. However, it is also the most difficult phase as they are also developing emotionally where strong wills and protesting happen in a rather violent way! We as parents have the responsibility to guide and teach these toddlers what […]

As sleep consultants we rarely advise on nutritional problems and always refer our clients to registered dieticians when we do pick up on problems as we are sleep experts after all and NOT feeding experts. However, when we’re working together with parents who have smaller babies, we always address the feeding issue before addressing the sleep.

I have been assisting families with implementing sleep plans for many years and as it so happens that I am assisting the same families again with their second or third children. Often, the question comes up: “Why does the same plan of my first child not work with the other children? There is truth when I say: “Every child is different!”

Sleepless nights are often associated with the new-born baby phase, but the reality is that often, a mommy lacks proper sleep even before baby has arrived. Some people laughingly say that this uncomfortable third trimester prepares parents for the lack of sleep that parents will experience once baby arrives.

Most parents will be woken at least once in their child’s life, to their little one screaming and crying from having a bad dream. Nightmares are especially prevalent in children who are between two and three years of age, as their imagination runs wild. Children want to be comforted during this time and even though it might take them a bit of time to let go of the scary thoughts and fall back asleep they will be comforted by the presence of a parent.