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If you are wondering what life post caesarean surgery is going to be like, this is the blog for you. We will be looking at how and when you will be able to start exercising again after your op, and what exercises may actually aid your recovery. Read on below now for these tips. Pelvic […]

Bath Temperature Indicator The Chicco Bath Temperature Indicator is a wonderful device that can be used to not only measure the temperature of a room but is able to measure the bath temperature as well – did we mention it is super cute and it floats! With the digital display, you can monitor your child’s […]

Recently, the Twistshake Food Processor has been introduced to South Africa. This is a remarkable product and offers a 6 in 1 user experience. Take a look at everything you need to know about the Twistshake Food Processor below, and see why you should own one today. The 6 In 1 Functionality Of The Twistshake […]

We all have times where we favour one child over another. Children go through different phases and some of these can be extremely challenging. It is easier to get on with and ‘like’ the child not going through a difficult phase or one who has a naturally more cooperative temperament. These are usually transitory fluctuations […]

Certainly the worst part about winter starting and the chill in the air is the sick kids! As a parent, you sit up late at night wondering if your child has a fever and we always seem to have everything in the medical kit except for a good, quick and accurate thermometer.  There is nothing […]

Going through a divorce can be extremely harrowing and stressful, not just for the couple themselves but also for their children. And, given the divorce statistics released recently by StatsSA, divorce is on the increase.  More than 25 390 divorce papers were filed in 2017, four in 10 divorces came from marriages that lasted less than […]

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