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What You Need To Know About C-Section Recovery

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C-Section recovery is a much needed practice after welcoming your bundle of joy into the world. But where do you start? How can you begin to heal as a mom who’s jut delivered via Caesarean? 

How Long Can You Expect A C-Section Recovery To Take?

Generally, the expected recovery time for a C-section is around 6 weeks. However, you may feel as though you need a bit longer. This is particularly true for moms who already have children. If you feel you need more down time, just continue to consult with your doctor regularly to keep check on your recovery.

Looking after Your Wound

You will need to follow your care instructions given to you by your midwife or doctor post-surgery. After the first few days of surgery, your bandaging will be ready to come off and your stiches removed. you should consult your doctor if at any time you feel:

  • As though you are developing a temperature
  • You are experiencing strange sensations such as tummy cramps or you are just not feeling well
  • Your cut begins to act up in any way – swelling, discharge or becomes painful

Pain Relief At Home

Know that you are bound to experience a bit of pain and discomfort. You did just undergo surgery after all. As such, you will most likely be prescribed pain medication during your recovery time. You will also be able to make use of various products to help your recovery, such as the Upspring C-Panty range. 

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