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Keeping a record of your breastfeeding may seem a little time consuming. Not only do you need to feed your baby, but then document the entire process as well! However, there is huge merit to the art of keeping a successful breastfeeding log book.  Believe it or not, a record of your feeds holds many, […]

Breast changes within a pregnant woman are truly incredible. The topic of breast development is one which is grossly misunderstood. Most women have an incorrect knowledge of how their own body develops. For most of ladies, it is assumed that by the time they have gone through puberty, that their breasts are fully developed. But […]

Complimentary feeding is a process in which you begin to introduce other food substances apart from breastmilk into your child’s diet. There are many benefits to this practice. However, more importantly, this practice is essential for the health of your baby.  Complimentary feeding is essential for nutritional intake for your baby. Within this article, we […]

How to teach your baby the art of self feeding is actually an incredibly common question amongst parents. One which many do not think of, up until the age where it begins to happen. However, this process is not as difficult as one would think if you have the necessary knowledge to implement effective teaching. […]

If you always thought that mathematics only revolved around numbers, think again! “There is a myriad of concepts that can help to prepare your child for school related mathematics,” says Liz Senior, Founder of Clamber Club and Occupational Therapist. “Pre-arithmetic readiness includes memory and sequencing abilities, the ability to understand shape, form and volume,” explains […]

Developing fine motor skills involves the practicing of reaching and grasping of different objects to develop coordinated movement of the shoulder, forearm, wrist, hands and fingers.  Hand eye coordination and bilateral integration as well as sequencing are all developed while playing with our wooden threading boards.  Younger children will practice lacing into any holes in […]

As parents we spend the first year worrying about our children becoming actively mobile and then generally secondly worrying about their language development or lack thereof.  In most cases there is no need to worry.  The vast majority of children learn language without a problem.  Language or the ability to use language has its own […]

Working with unique South African flavour combinations, experimenting with different ingredients, measurements and cooking styles, but most of all family fun, were the highlights at the Secret Tribe Chief Cook competition recently held at the Olive Branch Cooking School in Fourways, Johannesburg.  15 family teams from across Johannesburg came together to create culinary delights and […]

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