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Why would you want to capture the normal everyday moments of your life? Life is fast paced and before you know it the years have passed, your children have grown and you look back in a daze on days gone by.  You remember parts of it, and you have some photos you took with your […]

By Tracey Terespolsky (English Teacher and Parent at Crawford College Sandton) As I sit before you on the eve of your departure, I am swamped by a plethora of emotions. You are embarking on such a life changing adventure – one that will shape your life and have a far greater impact on you than […]

By Linda Langefeld, Grade 4 Teacher at The Bridge Assisted Learning School  Dyspraxia is a disability that is believed to affect 2 – 10% of the population.  This disability can be defined as “a development disability of organisation of movement.  It is caused by an immaturity of the brain resulting in messages not being properly […]

Life is never the same again for children and teens diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Diabetes is  one of the most prevalent diseases in South Africa. Type 1 diabetes which occurs mainly in children and young people,  is an autoimmune disease, where the insulin producing cells in the pancreas are destroyed by the bodies own […]

Hands-on learning: is a practical learning experience students are actively involved  allows for free exploration of the environment requires personal involvement by the student The importance of hands-on learning: it allows for investigation and self-discovery it stimulates curiosity allows for problem solving students are engaged and active allows learning through exploration develops thinking skills it […]

Pegboards are versatile toys that develop and strengthen visual perceptual skills, fine motor skills and eye hand coordination.  They also help to strengthen a child’s pincer grasp which usually develops at 9  – 12 months of age.  When a child uses his index finger and thumb to pick up objects, he is able to pick […]

Parent often have concerns about their toddlers socialising or rather not socialising with other toddlers.  Most concerns come from parents with toddlers between 18 months and three years of age. Is it normal for them not to play with each other and to be constantly trying to take away everything the other child has? Yes […]

Global Leader in the Breastfeeding Market Debuts Campaign for Breastfeeding Awareness Month Alexandria, VA (August 1, 2018) – Lansinoh, a global leader in the breastfeeding market, announces the launch of its ‘Breastfeeding around the World’ photography campaign in honor and celebration of August’s Breastfeeding Awareness Month. This campaign further supports the company’s ongoing commitment to supporting breastfeeding […]

By Anne-Marie Reed Watching your two-year-old princess swiping effortlessly through the apps on your iPad does not necessarily imply that she’s ready to be exposed to technology. That said, it is natural for toddlers in their explorative phase to prefer playing with tech toys over traditional toys and games. Traditional toys and games all have […]

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