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Review: Snookums Manual & Electric Breast Pumps

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At some point during your pregnancy a soon to be mother decides if she will be breastfeeding her child.  The next question that normally comes to mind is; “How do I feed my child once I return to work?” This then brings on the next question of which pump to purchase, manual or electric and of course budget! 

Our new mom had the opportunity to try both an electric and a manual pump by Snookums which was Kindly sent to us by Jennifer was faced with the decision regarding how she would still be able to ensure that her baby had access to her milk when she returned to work and here is what she had to say. 

“When I was at home on the weekends, I certainly had far more time to try out the manual pump by Snookums however during the week, my time is limited and so the electric pump by Snookums was certainly more handy then. 

The electric pump by Snookums had a silicone massage cushion that was so much better on my tender breasts. I was able to adjust the massage and strength so that I was comfortable throughout expressing. 

The manual pump by Snookums also provided comfort and it was easy to use as the handle allowed me to swivel the pump to the perfect position.  It was nice that it also had a nice base that allowed me to simply place it down wherever without worry that it was going to fall over and all my precious milk would be spilt. 

Although the electric pump by Snookums was my favourite out of the two, there certainly was nothing wrong with the manual pump. I think when we are so busy that the convenience of being able to express quickly suited my lifestyle better. 

The nice thing about being able to try both was that during load-shedding, I was still able to express using the manual pump! A big plus in Johannesburg!!

Both units were easy to use as well as easy to clean! 

My advice, take a close look at your lifestyle, your finances and what your pumping needs will be. No matter which pump you choose, the most important thing to do while breastfeeding is never give up, even if it gets difficult and the Snookums pumps available from allow me to do just that! 

Visit the online store today! 

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