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This year the Prima Toys’ collection of games is bigger and better. From the classics to brand new games that will have your skills tested to the limit, all in the name of fun! Our brand new games include: Flipslide is a fast-paced electronic game that tests your speed and reflexes. Players need to flip […]

Are they really? The best shoes for your toddler are no shoes at all! You often see moms so obsessed with buying the correct shoe that they forget that their toddler needs to walk barefoot as well. Walking bare foot helps build arches and strengthens ankles. Walking on uneven surfaces like sand and the grass […]

There is nothing new about the fact that children love doing puzzles. In most shapes or forms, puzzles can keep your child entertained for hours. And the really great news? Puzzles can help turn your child into a genius. Okay, perhaps not all children who do puzzles will automatically turn into mini-Einstein’s (here’s hoping though), […]

By: Justin Kistan, Crawford College North Coast If we’re lucky, we’ve been told our whole lives that we’re special. Our parents said it to us, our friends, and even our teachers. And we are special? To them. To the world at large? Not so much. Don’t get me wrong. You are unique without a doubt. […]

Getting your child to brush their teeth every day can be a hassle to say the least and then ensuring that this is done correctly brings a whole different set of issues to deal with.  The Philips Sonicare Kids Electric Toothbrush takes care of your child’s teeth whilst teaching them how to brush their teeth […]

There is no doubt that by bringing a new little person into the world is an overwhelmingly amazing and wonderful thing to experience. But figuring out how to put strong, healthy financial management in place for a new family, is also an overwhelming but stressful experience. And let’s face it, not all of us are […]

Just because a purple dinosaur says so doesn’t mean it’s going to happen no matter how many times we repeat this. Sharing is just not in a toddler’s vocabulary when they are 2 years old.  To the toddler there is no yours, mine and ours. It’s all mine! He is only just learning that things […]

Gym Balls are great for balance and core muscle development in young children. This is an activity that parents can easily do with their child on a regular basis thus promoting not only physical development but creating a bonding moment as well. This is one of the most wonderful activities your child can do for […]

What are the benefits of sensory play? Sensory activities engage a little one’s senses and as such are an excellent addition to any classroom or home environment. Children explore the world by means of their senses,  providing them with sensory outlets  can help them better understand their world.  Research has shown that engaging in sensory […]

THE ULTIMATE SOLUTION FOR WEANING, FEEDING AND SNACK TIME Fill N Squeeze is a revolutionary new approach to convenient feeding for your child.   Cleverly designed pouches are filled in seconds to create portable, convenient and mess-free feeding situations on the go. And the good news is, it’s your choice of food that’s being used […]

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