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Review: Foppapedretti Babyroad 9 – 36 kgs

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As parents we are responsible to make the safety decisions when it comes to our children. It is most important all children are in a suitable car seat for their size and weight. 

Studies have shown that children that are in safety seats that are correctly installed can reduce the need for hospitalisation by 69% after a road crash. 

Car seats reduce the risk of the severity of injuries, they distribute the force of a crash over the strongest parts of the body, they prevent children from being ejected from the vehicle on impact – the benefits certainly out-way the negatives. 

We were sent the Foppapedretti Babyroad 9 – 36 kgs to review and having looked into it, it certainly is a good purchase for your family car.  Foppapedretti is one of Europe’s leading baby travel brands, having creatively and technically mastered the market with over 70 years of dedication to baby products under their belt.  

The Foppapedretti Babyroad 9 – 36 kgs, comes with:

  • Adjustable headrest
  • 2 Hardness straps
  • Removable and washable padded shoulder protection
  • 5 point seat belt
  • Double -sided internal reducers

This particular carseat is available in a variety of colours and suitable for children from around the age of 9 months to approximately 12 years of age.

The Babyroad 9-36 retails on average at R2300 and is available at Hamleys stores,, selected Kids Emporium stores,,, and

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