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Imagine that you are observing from the side of a swimming pool and are watching children learn how to swim. As you watch, you notice the different variety of abilities, confidence levels and fears that they display in the water.  Some children seem to grasp these new skills with ease while others seem to struggle […]

  OMG Cuteness overload! This toy is such a simple concept but yet it kept our daughter playing with it for 4 hours on the first day and she is not slowing down anytime soon! These little lady bugs have their own little garden to crawl around in. From going up the grass to down […]

Emotional Intelligence is like freshly-squeezed orange juice!  When you squeeze an orange, you expect orange juice to flow out of it.  You wouldn’t expect to find grape or peach juice inside an orange because an orange only has orange juice to give. Human behavioural choices are based on what we have inside to give – […]

With three months left before they enter their final year of school, Grade 11 learners could be tempted to make relaxing their only priority before the whirlwind year that is Matric. However now is precisely the time they should be investigating and even pinning down their further study plans, an education expert says. “Once you’ve […]

It’s no great secret that we want to keep our kids safe and raise them in a supportive environment. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Our sons and daughters are growing up in a world that is full of lurking threats that range from anywhere from predators to cyberbullies. These pitfalls make our parenting […]

For anyone not in the know, it’s Nerf of Nothin! With an impressive range of Nerf blasters, which fire soft foam darts, Nerf has a blaster solution to suit each fan.Mastering the ‘art of Nerf’ takes time and patience and a lot of practice to become a true Nerf Blaster Master.  Nerf fans can now strike with even greater confidence and skill […]

Prima Toys have come up with a WOW new edition for girls. The L.O.L Lil Sisters Surprise will have your little one guessing just what is inside.  The fun all starts when your little one unravels the 5 layers of surprises until they finally reach their little L.O.L Surprise Tot waiting inside. The product is […]

Sight is something most people take for granted, yet at least 239 million children around the world suffer from impaired vision that could be corrected by spectacles. Since 80% of all learning occurs through vision, children who cannot afford spectacles are at a major disadvantage in education environments, which can lead to lower earning potential […]

In 2004, I started reading Dr. Phil McGraw’s book Self-Matters it is the first place I heard of and learned about the concept of elf-talk or the inner voice. I love the way he explained it. What I took away from it was the concept of a quietly running tape which urns underneath all the […]