Meg Faure Author

When your baby wakes at night and cannot settle to sleep, one of the thoughts that will go through your head is whether she is ill. If your baby is usually a good sleeper and suddenly has a few very bad nights, it is certainly a reasonable concern and worth looking into. If your newborn is never sleeping longer than 45 minutes to an hour day and night – it is also possible that health issues underlie the poor sleep. If your toddler has been a great sleeper and can self-sooth to sleep but starts waking and being unable to fall back asleep, you may need to look at health issues.

Sleep is a very complicated part of early parenting, which is part of the reason that it presents such a challenge. There are simply so many variables, from nutrition and health to anxiety and sensory needs. One variable that simply cannot be overlooked is self-soothing. In order to sleep through the night independently, a baby needs to learn to self-sooth.

Stimulation is important for brain development – of that we are sure. The connections (synapses) that are made between brain cells are vital for development. For example a connection in the language part of the brain will result in understanding of speech or in speech itself. Connections are mainly made between brain cells in the presence of stimulation.

Your baby reaches 18 months and suddenly there is a little shift in the things you think about – suddenly you may start to wonder if leaving her at home with the nanny or being at home with you all day or attending a creche is ticking all the boxes ITO her development. It’s a fact that most parents start to wonder about a play group and specifically what criteria they need to look out for.

Baby wearing is defined as “the practice of keeping your baby or toddler close and connected to you as you engage in daily activities through the use of one of a variety of types of baby carriers”It is practised with higher frequency in more traditional cultures and with the advent and marketing of prams went […]

We are very lucky in South Africa with the climate that we have.  Our children play outdoors much more than most European countries.  Whatever the weather though, think of your garden or any outdoor space as Natures Classroom.  Every sense and area of learning can be stimulated just by being outside.  It is important to […]