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Examinations are stressful enough for learners and students, without them having to worry about headaches and migraines. Unfortunately it has become an ordinary occurrence for students and many of them feel helpless when dealing with this problem. They can feel so overwhelmed that they completely forget about the effects this is having on their health. […]

What do you do when you want to move overseas and your ex doesn’t want to give permission for your child to go with you? This is exactly what happened to Sunette* “My ex and I have a terrible relationship. It was a terrible time in my life. As a father, he has not been […]

Attachment is the process through which infants bond with their caregivers. This usually means Mom, Dad, and if there is another caregiver in the picture nanny or early education professional. Building this relationship is about establishing trust, safety, a sense of comfort and connection.  Men and women bond differently to their babies but both kinds […]

The tactile system (or sense of touch) is one of the earliest to develop, and is also the largest sensory system. It comprises various receptors which allow us to feel light touch, deep pressure, texture, pain, and temperature. Its main function early in life is a protective one – allowing infants to feel pain or discomfort, for […]

Certain toys and games play an integral part in a child’s cognitive development and one of the best ways to nurture a young brain is through play – it challenges thinking and the ability to process information. The body as an “architect of the brain” Parenting expert Nikki Bush explains that the body is an […]

When we think of gifted children the first name that springs to mind is usually Einstein. I can’t help but wonder how many therapies Einstein would have been in if he had been born today. Rumour has it that he only started speaking at age 3, so already we have delayed development, paeds and speech […]

Undescended testes affects almost four percent of all new-born males, is more common in premature infants and poses a high risk of cancer, a Urology Hospital, Pretoria, specialist has warned. The condition – also known as cryptorchidism, in which one or both testes do not lie in the scrotum – is, however, treatable through corrective surgery. Urologist Dr […]

The first year of life is a time when babies strengthen their muscles and bones. They learn how to use their bodies to move around and to manipulate their environment. If babies are constantly held and carried during the first year, they will lose valuable opportunities to gain fine-tune skills. Parents and caregivers should facilitate […]

By:  Juazel de Villiers) Clinical Psychologist, PS0117692 Practice Number: 0496359 The dangers of technology are often emphasised, as there are so many. Children’s use of technology is also often viewed in a negative light as it has slowly taken over various aspects of family life. Although there are real concerns and considerations around the […]