Babies can have fun with books long before they know any words, and they’ll also be picking up skills they will need later when they begin learning to read. Even small babies love listening to the sound of your voice as you share books cuddled up together, and they soon come to associate reading with […]

Sleep time is invaluable – and tech toys are the way of the future when it comes to augmenting nurturing and soothing.   VTech baby introduce the Starlight Sounds Polar Bear. Part of the Little Friendlies range of lovable characters, the cute, soft and cuddly polar bear features 4 modes of play with a 15, […]

Why is tummy time important? For strengthening the back muscles to assist later on with sitting. To strengthen the neck muscles. It is essential for the development of proper head control, as well as for the development of good postural control of the rest of the body. Helps babies learn to push up, roll over, […]

Becoming a new mom is a thrilling, yet daunting experience! From the moment, you find out you’re expecting a little bundle of joy, you need to make numerous life changing decisions – even before the big arrival. Choices need to be made – everything from what colour to make the baby’s room, to who will […]

You may have fluctuating emotions when it comes to introducing solids. You may eagerly wait that first mouthful and be pinning a lot of hope on solids getting your baby to sleep better, while at the same time feel sad as the realization dawns that your baby is growing up. Many mistruths and myths surround when […]

Birth is a deeply spiritual event, mysterious and miraculous. The arrival of a newborn is awe inspiring and ultimately life changing. But it is exactly how that newborn comes into this world that leaves many new parents heads spinning. There is so much fear of pain, blood, risk and pressure from every direction. Everyone expects […]

Solving a complex problem at work, finally achieving a personal goal is nothing compared to your child finishing a whole plate of food. Isn’t it amazing that no matter how big your accomplishments in your day, NOTHING, absolutely nothing compares to the satisfaction you get watching your toddler successfully finish a meal. You can sleep […]

If you read between the lines on a study done in 2007(1), it seems that babies born by caesarean section are a lot more likely to suffer from allergy-related diseases if you don’t supplement probiotic bacteria. Caesar babies are born with sterile digestive tracts. If you don’t correct this, your baby may not be equipped […]

This is an excerpt from the “Unlearn” chapter in my book Mila’s Meals: The Beginning & The Basics. Disclaimer: As with everything concerning food there are two sides to any debate raging around every one of the topics in this chapter – both sides will be defended with scientific proof, and ‘absolute’ recommendations. I am […]