Sharon Atkins Author

As teens become more independent in their food choices, they tend to make wrong choices- even teens who are brought up eating healthy. Here are the four worst food habits teens may develop and some tips as to how you can help them. Skipping breakfast is the number one leading bad habit for teens. According […]

Every parent has heard these words “Please can we get a pet?” Children are drawn to animals and just love to play and cuddle with them. Pets however, are a huge responsibility so you need to make sure the whole family is ready for the commitment. Here are some questions for you to ask and […]

Creating a sweet space and decorating your baby’s room does not need to cost a fortune. We will give you some tips and suggestions on how you can design and furnish without breaking the bank. Decorating your Baby’s Room on a Budget So, you know the sex of the baby, you’ve started collecting clothes but […]