They say summer bodies are made in winter and the same can be said about great-looking skin. After all, the chilly months are the ideal ones to invest in a course of peels with Lamelle Research Laboratories. Peel and reveal   We all know unprotected sun exposure is bad news for our skin. After all, […]

If there’s one thing Lamelle knows all about it’s how to beat dry skin. After decades of research, we’ve created some of the world’s most innovative moisturisers and no you’re not imagining it – your skin really is drier and “thirstier” in winter. As the cold kicks in, the humidity levels drop and the air […]

As South Africans we are accustomed to the harsh summer sun, and are used to applying SPF before heading down to the beach, or going for a run. But did you know that the sun’s UV rays are equally dangerous during the colder months? While you’re unlikely to experience a sunburn from UVB rays during […]

Are you battling with breakouts? Many things contribute to the formation of acne but, for the most part, we can thank our fluctuating hormones. These can cause our skin to become oily and shed in clumps as opposed to cell by cell, forming bumps and pimples. Fortunately, this type of inflammatory acne can be dramatically […]

Whether you’re a teenager or an adult, acne will always be a confidence crusher. Fortunately, Lamelle Research Laboratories has created Clarity, an effective acne management system, that addresses all of the four triggers that contribute to spotty skin. Something else we’ve learned from our extensive research? To get the very best results, you have to manage […]

Just the other day they were enthralled by Peppa Pig. Then, before you can say “TikTok”, you’re dealing with a social media-obsessed teen. Something else you’re likely to be facing is a struggle with is acne. After all, around 85% of people will develop it in their lifetime and it usually starts around puberty going […]

Despite being one of the most common inflammatory skin conditions in the world, acne is still very misunderstood. So much so, that myths still abound. Fortunately, at Lamelle Research Laboratories, we’re acne experts that can help you sort the facts from the fiction. Myth 1: Only teenagers get acne Nope, not true! It would be […]

We’ve all experienced inflammation, from the ache of a sprained ankle to the sting of a bad sunburn. While it can feel unpleasant, short-term inflammation is actually a good thing as it produces inflammatory cytokines (small proteins that trigger an even greater inflammatory response) that tell your body it’s time to get busy healing. Still, […]

Struggling with acne is stressful enough, nobody also wants to deal with the aftermath – the scars it can leave behind. This is why it’s important to prevent as well as address spots the moment appear while managing inflammation, a major contributor to scarring. Happily, Lamelle’s Clarity collection can help you do all three! What […]

Sunscreen or sunblock? Is there a difference? As it turns out, yes! To better understand which is best to use, let’s have a look at the differences and the similarities. Sunscreens (also called chemical sunscreens or organic sunscreens) are ingredients that need to penetrate your skin. This way, they can surround your cells in the […]