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Smog & the city: Why protecting your skin from PMs is a must

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We hear a lot about “anti-pollution” skincare but, if you’re living that glorious work-from-home life in the burbs as opposed to dashing around downtown, do you really need to worry about it? As it turns out, totally

In 2021, not a single country met the World Health Organisation’s air quality guidelines. Also, over 90% of the population live in an urban areas that don’t make the grade. And when we say “urban” that includes the suburbs. Also, when dermatologists talk about “pollution” they’re not referring to the haze of inner city smog or billowing black clouds from a factory. The impurities you need to worry about are particulate matter (PM) – harmful contaminates suspended in the air and completely invisible to the human eye. Much like a virus or bacteria, just because you can’t see them, it doesn’t mean they’re not there, increasing the risk to your skin’s health while revving up the aging process. 

PMs are not your friends 

When last did you head out to run a few errands and forget to apply sunscreen? Most of us are guilty of this, but did you know that being exposed to PMs – along with unprotected sun exposure – puts you on the fast track to premature ageing and can even increase hyperpigmentation by as much as 20%? 

The bad news doesn’t stop there. When PMs penetrate your skin, they can mess with its barrier function and that means dry, scaly skin; ramped up sensitivity, redness, itchiness and then some! They also increase your risk of inflammatory skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis, acne and psoriasis and even influence the development of skin cancer. 

The way PMs wreak havoc is two-fold. First, they trigger the formation of inflammation-causing free-radicals. (Unchecked inflammation is pretty much the root cause of just about everything you don’t want for skin – think acne, pigmentation, accelerated aging, the works!) Next, they trigger aryl hydrocarbon receptors that act as a “gene switch” in your cells, causing them to slow down the production of collagen while increasing an enzyme that damages your existing collagen. Talk about a “fun” two-for-one special! 

Interestingly, a recent study has shown PM exposure has a much more profound effect on younger individuals than those who are older. While everyone should be wanting to protect their skin from their damaging effects, the younger generation literally has more to lose if they don’t take action right now. 

Here comes your weapon of choice 

Happily, this topic isn’t all doom and gloom. You CAN protect yourself from the scourge of PMs and, we reckon, Helase Urban Defence 30 by Lamelle is the smartest way to do it. Specifically developed with some of the planets most potent antioxidants, it does a brilliant job of mopping up free-radicals AND inhibiting the triggering of those collagen-blitzing aryl hydrocarbon receptors. This means powerful protection from PM cell injury as well as PM-driven ageing, inflammation and hyperpigmentation. In short, it’s your very best defence against the scourge of PMs. (As an added bonus, it also serves up an SPF rating of 30 and contains a DNA repair enzyme that seek out and correct dimers – DNA “kinks” that, if left untreated, can potentially cause skin cancer. So, not only are you investing in a kickass PM protector, but you’re getting a cutting-edge sunscreen too.) 

Next time you step outside, be it in the burbs or the city, we hope you’ll be wearing Helase Urban Defence 30, your very best weapon of choice.

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