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Sensitive skin: Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s environmental – either way, the cure is Forteve

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Ask any dermatologist and they’ll tell you half their patients consider themselves as having “sensitive skin”. Thing is, skin is sensitive by nature. You need to treat it with tender loving care or, regardless of your “skin type”, you could end up experiencing sensitivity. Also, you should know that “sensitive skin” isn’t really a clinical diagnosis but more of an expression that your skin has a tendency to be easily irritated. But why is that? For the most part, this all comes down to the protective fatty outer layer of your skin – the lipid barrier.

A chat about fat

Think of your skin’s barrier as a brick wall held together by cement. The bricks are your skin’s cells and the cement is partly composed of waxy lipid molecules called ceramides. When your barrier is healthy it does a great job of keeping moisture in and irritants out. When it’s impaired, you’re missing some of that “cement” and this allows moisture to escape and irritants, be it chemicals, wind, heat or UV rays. The result is seemingly unquenchable dryness and skin that’s quick to react with symptoms like redness, stinging, burning or itching.

Many people who don’t consider themselves to be the sensitive type can experience bouts of sensitive skin if they unwittingly damage their skin’s barrier. It’s surprisingly easy to do – just ask anyone who’s over-exfoliated before applying a highly fragranced moisturiser! Others, however, drew a genetic short straw and were simply born with a lipid barrier that isn’t as naturally robust as someone else. In this case, you could say you were born with sensitive skin. (Thanks mom!)

Beat the burn

Happily, whether you’ve always had easily irritated skin; suffer from an impaired barrier condition such as atopic dermatitis or are simply going through a sensitive phase, real relief is at hand. Forteve by Lamelle Pharmaceuticals is the only skin barrier repair solution with a patented pseudoceramide that mimics a healthy epidermal bi-layer.  

After years of intensive research, Lamelle has proved that, while replenishing lipids is key to restoring a healthy skin barrier, it’s how you arrange them – in a very specific pattern – that makes the most dramatic difference. Thus, new Forteve contains a patented pseudoceramide that, once applied to the skin, undergoes a phase transformation. It literally arranges itself into multiple layers – as well as the correct patterns – that mimic the unique properties of a healthy epidermal lipid bi-layer.

Better than the rest   

Currently, the standard method to improve the symptoms of atopic dermatitis is to apply a 5% urea cream. Our trials, however, have shown that applying our pseudoceramide serves up a 150% improvement over those treated with the urea cream. Talk about a dramatic difference!

The bottom line

Ultimately, whether you’ve always struggled with sensitive skin or are going through a, ahem, rough patch, know that your skin deserves real relief. To start, use Forteve Foaming Cleanser, a daily cleanser so gentle it can even be used on babies’ skin. Next, get those lipids back with either our Forteve Soothing Lotion or Cream. Both are formulated with our patented pseudoceramide complex to fortify and restore barrier function while soothing irritation.

Lastly, if you’re dealing with severely dry or cracked skin on areas like your hands or feet, get the TLC you need with Forteve Intensive Urea 5% Cream. This way you get the heavy hydration of urea but fortified with the intuitive biomimicry of our pseudoceramide complex. In no time at all, you’ll get to enjoy the healthy, skin barrier you deserve – whether you were born with it or not.

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