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Inflammaging and how to fight it with Lamelle Dermaheal

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The last few years have been a wild ride. You’re working like a dog. You’re tired. You’re stressed. And you can see it all over your skin. And nope, it’s definitely not all in your head. One of the main triggers of inflammaging – aging that’s caused by chronic, low-grade inflammation – is stress. Many other lifestyle factors contribute too, including exposure to pollution, smoking, a poor diet and unprotected sun exposure.

Aside from making tweaks where you can, (hello yoga, bye bye ciggies!), you can also protect your skin from imflammaging using the Dermaheal range by Lamelle Research Laboratories. We’ll get into how its innovative formulation can make the world of difference in a bit, but first, you should know exactly how inflammaging is wreaking havoc on your skin.

Know thy enemy

Inflammation isn’t always bad. In fact, it’s your body’s way of putting up a red flag that says “I’m hurt”, allowing for a chain reaction of healing to place. However, when your body is perpetually under attack from all the aggressors we mentioned before, it results in subtle yet chronic inflammation that “simmers” in your skin, creating a laundry list of unwanted effects. These include – brace yourself – a loss of collagen and elastin resulting in sagging skin and wrinkles as well as a nose dive in hyaluronic acid and GlycosAminoGlycans (GAGs) which means drier, thinner skin with a rougher texture. You’ll also get to “enjoy” an increase in MMPs, (enzymes that essentially destroy your collagen), an uptick in hyperpigmentation and the increased expression of PGE-2, an inflammatory hormone that’s linked to skin cancer and poor wound healing. So again, if you’re feeling the pressure and think it’s affecting your complexion, you’re 100-percent correct. Also, you should know that chronic low-level inflammation also has a negative effect on every tissue in your body, not just your skin. Can we get an “eek”?

Turn down the heat

As we said, there are things you can do to mitigate the triggers of chronic inflammation. But modern living and the fact that inflammaging is proven to increase as we get older means you also need to fight back. A great way to do it is with our Dermaheal line. Our most cutting-edge collection yet, it was specifically created to target the three root causes of aging – cell stagnation, damaging enzymes (here’s looking at you MMPs!) and – you guessed it – chronic inflammation.

Each of our Dermaheal creams – Ultra Renewal, Renewal Cream ,Cellular Repair and Eye Regeneration Plus – contain a brilliant mix of anti-inflammatory growth factors, an MMP-inhibiting complex to zap those collagen-destroying enzymes in their tracks and an exclusive blend of inflammation-fighting cytokines. The latter are small proteins that essentially tell your skin to switch off inflammation, stopping the scourge of inflammaging in its tracks. Dermaheal products also contain Nobiletin, a botanical flavonoid that turns off chronic inflammation on a genetic level, in the nucleus of your cell. This way, your body can benefit from acute inflammation when it needs to heal from an injury, but the simmering kind that degrades your tissues gets nipped in the bud.

Inflammation-fighting aside, the range is also formulated with a non-irritating form of collagen-stimulating retinol, mega-hydrating hyaluronic acid fragments and a slew of cell protecting antioxidants that will also go a long way towards tamping down chronic inflammation while protecting your cells from damaging free radicals.

The bottom line

Ultimately, inflammaging is difficult to avoid, regardless of what lifestyle changes you make. But you can take action to mitigate its damaging and ageing effects on your skin with Dermaheal. A potent inflammation-fighting anti-ageing line-up, it promises to tackle the main causes of ageing, including inflammaging, so you can enjoy a firmer, smoother, less lined, more radiant-looking complexion for longer – regardless of what your crazy schedule is looking like. Now go and take care of those deadlines and leave taking the very best care of your skin up to Lamelle. After all, it’s what they do best. 

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