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How to prevent acne scarring with Clarity by Lamelle

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Struggling with acne is stressful enough, nobody also wants to deal with the aftermath – the scars it can leave behind. This is why it’s important to prevent as well as address spots the moment appear while managing inflammation, a major contributor to scarring. Happily, Lamelle’s Clarity collection can help you do all three!

What causes an acne scar

When a pimple strikes, it causes inflammation in your skin and your body perceives it as a “wound”. In a bid to repair the injury, your skin produces more collagen, the protein that gives your skin it’s structure. Just enough and you’ll get to enjoy fresh, healthy new skin. Too much, however, and you could be left with a raised scar. Too little it could create a depressed scar, like a little pit that’s left in your skin.

In addition, how long it takes for the wound to heal as well as how deep it is will also influence the extent of scarring. This is because while your skin is healing, it’s structure, which includes collagen and elastin, gets broken down and rebuilt, sometimes haphazardly. It doesn’t care what the result looks like, only that the job gets done. This is why it’s so important not to pick at a pimple because you’ll only prolong the healing process and increase the odds of disorganised rebuilding that’s essentially scarring.

There’s also another way acne can blemish your skin and that’s via post-inflammatory pigmentation (PIH). Ever noticed how, sometimes, in the wake of a pimple, you’re left with a dark mark? People often mistake these for “scars” but they’re actually hyperpigmentation. This is because your melanocytes (the cell’s responsible for creating pigment) are triggered by any kind inflammation. They aren’t able to determine the cause, they just think they’re doing their job and protecting your skin. Again, this is yet another reason to not pick at pimples. The more you aggravate them, the more likely they’ll form PIH.

How to prevent them

Clearly, when it comes to beating acne scarring, the ideal is to prevent all breakouts. While that would be great, acne sufferers know that the reality of keeping spots in check can be a marathon, not a sprint. Still, Clarity by Lamelle, a cutting-edge skincare collection proven to clear up your skin by as much as 88% in as little as eight weeks.

Aside from helping to control acne, all Clarity products are formulated with inflammation in mind. Our super-soothing ingredients include niacinamide, panthenol, tea tree oil, red cedar tea extract and salicylic acid. The latter is a great acne-blitzing multitasker as, aside from having inflammation-fighting properties, it also exfoliates deep inside your pores to keep them clean and clear.

You’ll also find a patented retinoic acid ester in our Clarity Correctives PM Plus night lotion. A powerful form of vitamin A, it can serve up all the regenerative benefits of retinol but without the associated irritation. It’s a great way to help regulate your skin’s natural exfoliation process to keep your pores clean and clear. Also, studies show that retinoids and their analogues have direct anti-inflammatory effects on the skin.

Again, resist the urge to pick!

Relying on Clarity by Lamelle to reduce breakouts and manage inflammation is one thing you can do to help prevent acne scars. But, as we’ve said, you should nevr pick at your pimples. While it might be very tempting to squeeze that monster on your chin, you’re only increasing the risk that your skin responds with a scar or PIH. Instead, we suggest you rely on our bestselling Clarity Active Spot Control treatment.

Tiny enough to pop into your handbag for on-the-go treatment, it contains a mix of super-soothers to rapidly decrease the size and redness of the spot. We’ve also used a form of vitamin C proven to zap pimple-forming bacteria. Better yet, it also makes use of azelaic acid that inhibits the overproduction of melanin to help reduce your risk of developing PIH. Genius, right? We thought so too! 

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  • Terri-lee Falken February 5, 2022 at 2:25 pm

    Know that feeling of trying not to pick at your pimples so well! It’s really hard especially when it’s a white head it’s hard to resist the urge. But by not popping it , it will help by not scarring. Also your diet plays a huge rule as what you put inside your body will surely reflect on the outside.


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