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Lamelle Correctives HA+ Serum: Our most innovative hyaluronic acid serum

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If you’re serious about skincare, chances are you’ve got a mega-moisturising hyaluronic acid serum (also referred to as HA) in your artillery. Still, it’s hard to believe there once was a time when few had even heard of it and many assumed it was an exfoliator. Thing is, HA isn’t acidic at all. In fact, it helps to replenish your skin with much-appreciated hydration, making it a must for every skin type and especially those that have dry skin.

This is why Lamelle Correctives HA+ Serum is such a loved and lauded product.

However, there are many more reasons as to why it’s a hydrator above all others and we’ll get to that in a bit – but first – for those still unfamiliar with the skincare superstar, let’s get you up to speed fast.

Why HA is here to stay  

HA is a water-binding, lubricating molecule that occurs naturally in your body. Much of it resides in your skin where its job is to help it retain moisture. As it’s able to attract and hold up to a thousand times its weight in water – and then hold it deep within your skin – it does this extremely well. The result? Happy, hydrated skin that looks younger thanks to a plumping effect that can obliterate fine dehydration lines and soften the look of wrinkles.

More good news? Research suggests that HA has antioxidant properties that can help mitigate the effects of sun damage.

Not all HA serums are created equally

Now that the world’s woken up to this moisture magnet’s seemingly miraculous ability to hydrate and plump, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to finding an HA-infused skincare product. Thing is, not all of them are created equally. As an example, some might only contain the teensiest smidge of HA and most will only contain one particular type. This is where Lamelle Correctives HA+ Serum gets to shine. Thanks to years of research, we’ve created the most innovative HA product in the world – one that contains five different types of HA to help hydrate your skin on multiple levels.

Ready to break it down?

  • Cross-linked HA hydrates the surface of the skin 
  • Hydrolysed HA penetrates the deeper layers 
  • Acetyl HA lingers longer, for continued hydration over a longer period
  • Phyto HA helps retain hydration by reducing water loss through the skin

Lucky number five

As for our fifth type of HA, it’s a bit of an overachiever. Say hello to HAFi fragments, a range of very specifically sized HA particles that stimulate your skin to make even more of your own natural HA. This is great because your skin’s natural HA content starts to dwindle as you age. (You can also speed up this process if you’re a smoker, skip out on sun protection and don’t protect your skin from the scourge of cell-damaging free radicals.) Also, as an added bonus, HAFi fragments help speed up your skin’s natural healing and cellular turnover process by regulating inflammation.

But wait – there’s more!

Thought we were done? Nope. Here’s the thing that makes Lamelle Correctives HA+ Serum one of the most innovative in the world – it’s the first skincare product to contain TWO hyaluronidase inhibitors! Why is this a big deal? Hyaluronidase are enzymes that occur naturally in your body; increase with age and degrade the HA content in your skin. Keeping them in check is a must if you’re on a quest to enjoy hydrated, firm and plump-feeling skin for as long as possible. 

Clearly, everyone can do with an HA serum in their skincare routine. But it’s only our Corrective HA+ Serum that, serves up a multi-pronged approach to hydration, the stimulation and protection of your own natural HA plus the ability to reverse the effects of ageing and sun damage. So, why settle for anything less when Lamelle has created the best? 

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