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Introducing Re-Firm Elixir Cream

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NEW Re-Firm Elixir Cream – a luxurious way to harness the power of stem cells 

An innovation like no other, NEW Lamelle Re-Firm Elixir Cream is a cutting-edge anti-ageing solution using the technology of regenerative medicine.

Rapid Rejuvenation 

Lamelle Re-Firm Elixir Cream is a luxurious velvety-textured moisturiser delivering the purest stem cell conditioned media (SCCM) to rapidly rejuvenate aging skin. It’s other pioneering active ingredients include essential antioxidants, soothing panthenol and hydrating hyaluronic acid along with cell communicating growth factors and anti-ageing peptides.

The result? A potent anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and pigment-inhibiting powerhouse!

What is SCCM?

Medical science has recently unlocked the astounding regenerative potential of stem cells and Lamelle, having collaborated with biotechnology companies for decades, has been at the forefront of this exciting new technology.

Stem cells are living cells, found in various tissues in the body, with a chameleon-like ability to transform into almost any other cell type. Naturally, this makes them essential for rejuvenation as they can morph into whatever tissue your body requires to heal. They also have the ability to communicate, producing “factors” that influence the behavior of surrounding cells.

Our new superstar active ingredient, SCCM, is a stem cell’s “liquid essence” – the result of adipose-derived stem cells in a growth medium. As the stem cells proliferate in this medium they produce multiple active ingredients that infuse into the conditioning media. This medium – the SCCM is now a cocktail perfect for ageing and damaged skin cells to bounce back into action. This is delivered into the skin using a natural encapsulation technology to ensure maximal absorption and optimal results.

Superior Stem Cells

Stem cells are becoming a prolific active ingredient, but their usefulness depends on their origin. Most cosmetics that tout them are using plant-derived stem cells that don’t have the ability to differentiate into other human cell types, nor communicate with them. At best, they function like an antioxidant.

This is why Lamelle’s technology makes use of stem cells derived from human fat cells. They’re proven to deliver the very best results with anti-inflammatory properties in comparison to other types of stem cells.  Still, it’s important to note that SCCM does NOT contain human stem cells as there is no need for this – all their rejuvenating benefits are transferred to the elixir. 

Witness a Marvel!

Along with SCCM, Re-Firm’s Elixir Cream also contains highly active growth factors, anti-inflammatory cytokines and peptides that encourage the protection and creation of collagen. Day by day, your skin’s cells will receive messages that instructs them to function optimally. Suddenly, mature skin begins to act younger – and the effect is nothing short of transformative. 

Within just 28 days, expect to see a dramatic improvement in firmness; reduced wrinkling and a more evenly toned and radiant complexion.

To enjoy the very best results, apply Re-Firm Elixir Cream twice daily, or our Re-Firm serum as a booster in concerned areas of ageing. 

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