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Perhaps you never imagined working in marketing, but suddenly, the field is calling your name. Thanks to online courses, picking up a new skill is easier than it has ever been, and in most cases, they cost a fraction of tuition fees. Recently, the online job aggregator Adzuna did a little web crawling and found […]

Parents have had a rough year with families still being encouraged to stay at home as much as possible. This however does not assist in bringing real life experiences to your little one’s.   With many parents battling to find ideas to keep their littles ones entertained whilst still stimulating and providing early childhood development, […]

Young children can be burnt very quickly, and this often happens when an adult is present, so it is important to be alert. An electrical burn happens when a child touches or comes into contact with an electric current. The current passes through the child’s body and can damage organs and tissues. Damage can be […]

In a brand-new blog series, we will be exploring the various subjects offered by Impaq in the FET Phase (Grade 10 – 12). We spoke to education specialist Bianca Pelser and Impaq alumnus Simon Meintjes to learn more about Dramatic Arts as a subject. Taking centre stage Simon Meintjes, who matriculated in 2017, joined Impaq […]

A Jurassic World Adventure awaits! If you have a dinosaur crazy kid, these action figures provide hours of fun and adventure.  These Movie-inspired dinosaur action figures have realistic sculpting, movable joints, authentic colour and realistic texture that make the figure come alive! Stygimoloch, the plant eating dinosaur comes with movable joints and watch out for […]

The global pandemic has highlighted more than ever the need to stay healthy and keep our immune systems as strong as possible.  It is well documented that people with  co-morbidities and poorly functioning immune systems are at the highest risk of getting really ill from Covid-19.  Although you cannot suddenly reverse a co-morbidity or instantly […]

“Do you remember a time when you felt hormonal and moody? Your skin was breaking out and your body was growing in strange places and very fast? And at the same time people were expecting you to be grown up in this new way.”  This is the beginning a TED talk by New York-based psychiatrist […]

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