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One in three women suffer from Perinatal Distress (PND) in our country, according to the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG). But the terrifying truth is that it’s not just the women who suffer; it’s often their partners who take strain, even to the point of being diagnosed with PND themselves.  Hubby’s hormones Women’s […]

“Do you remember a time when you felt hormonal and moody? Your skin was breaking out and your body was growing in strange places and very fast? And at the same time people were expecting you to be grown up in this new way.”  This is the beginning a TED talk by New York-based psychiatrist […]

You are not alone! I’m one of those parents who subscribe to just about every newsletter that pertains to my daughter’s development. This might seem a teeny tiny bit of an obsession, especially for someone who used to teach preschool kids, yet for me the world is always changing and with new studies being published […]

Most of us have heard of perinatal distress, also known as postnatal depression or PND, but why is this common and treatable illness often misunderstood and underdiagnosed? I was propped up in bed trying to feed my one-week-old infant staring at a pamphlet titled: “Postnatal Depression”. I thought to myself, “oh that’s when a new […]