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As parents, especially of young adults in their final years of high school or university, it has been an anxious time witnessing how the Covid-19 pandemic has profoundly disrupted their lives. Crucially, the crisis is disproportionately affecting their generation and driving up our already dire youth unemployment rate.  South Africa’s future relies on the collective […]

Schools across South Africa opened on June 1 in a phased approach, starting with grades 12 and 7. However, strict social distancing measures will prevent most sporting and cultural extracurricular activities from taking place, and some parents may decide to keep their children at home altogether. Students who have set their sights on top universities, both locally and overseas, must demonstrate innovation in order to stand out and build impressive application portfolios.

With restaurants and most fast food outlets closed since the start of the national lockdown, more South Africans were cooking from scratch at home (if the banana bread photos on social media were anything to go by). Many saw this as an opportunity to start making healthier choices but for others, however, the stress of […]

Car crashes remain one of the leading cause of unintentional injury-related death among children under 14 in South Africa. No doubt, in part, because 4 out of 5 car seats are used incorrectly… And nearly a third of children ride in incorrect restraints for the size and age. Those are a whole lot of car seat mistakes!

For the majority or learners, Matric is the most challenging year of their school careers – even under normal circumstances. The current circumstances facing the Class of 2020 are unprecedented, and have caused massive upheaval and uncertainty on top of the challenges they would ordinarily have faced. Even so, there are ways learners can adjust and respond to ensure they still make a success of the year, an education expert says.

Those early weeks with a new baby can be magical… and exhausting. You’re still working out how to hold a slippery baby while you wash their delicate skin, and you’re learning what they like and don’t like (clue: they’ll definitely let you know). You don’t need to use moisturiser at this stage, but as you start taking your baby out and about more, their skin is exposed to more toxins from the outside world and might start getting dry.

The yoghurt section in the grocery store seems to be expanding every year, and it’s no wonder why! Yoghurt is a versatile food that can be eaten as part of a meal or snack, and can be incorporated into many recipes from dips to dressings to desserts. Yoghurt contains protein, fat and carbohydrates, as well as the nutrients calcium, potassium, phosphorus and is often enriched with vitamin D.

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