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I am a huge advocate of babywearing. Be absolutely clear though – babywearing is not an alternative to using a car seat. While babywearing brands and consultants are very clear that wearing a baby in a car isn’t safe, there are those that don’t know this. So I am adding my voice to theirs in […]

In the same way that I hate being told what to do, I hate telling other people what to do. Parenting is hard enough without people making judgements about our parenting choices. BUT, there is one notable exception, and that’s when it comes to a child’s safety. If you choose to feed your kid from the […]

Car crashes remain one of the leading cause of unintentional injury-related death among children under 14 in South Africa. No doubt, in part, because 4 out of 5 car seats are used incorrectly… And nearly a third of children ride in incorrect restraints for the size and age. Those are a whole lot of car seat mistakes!

Hands up if your boobs leak when you hear a crying baby? If your mind goes blank? You grit your teeth while trying to talk sweetly, over the loud screams? Your breath quickens, and little creatures feel like they are moving around under your clothes? While you try aimlessly to distract baby, whose eyes are probably closed anyway. (You can put your hands down now.)

We are buying a second hand car seat. But unlike last time and the abandoned (money) seat in the garage, I am not going in blind… I’ve been armed with questions from #CarseatFullstop and intend not to come home with a denim covered car seat of unknown origins.

Determining when your child is booster seat ready can be something most parents neglect. I include myself in this… Once my eldest outgrew his toddler car seat, we invested in a booster cushion for him. He struggled with the adult safety belt in the back seat constantly moving over his neck and face which caused him discomfort. It’s something I made him live with, as there was no way I would let him sit without one. I’m a complete stiffler for kids being strapped in. I must admit, I didn’t do much research and went for the most affordable option when selecting a seat for him. As car seat safety to me meant having a seat belt on and that was it.

I am a careful driver. I don’t have any history of accidents, whether from my own doing or anyone else’s. But I also don’t have any illusions – almost every other day I have some kind of close call situation. There are always people who don’t look before driving… Or change lanes without checking their blind spots… Or who reverse out of a parking spot without checking. Sometimes, I’m even guilty of those things and only remain accident-free thanks to good luck and quick reflexes. With Harley along for the ride, I’m even more aware of the risks, and the importance of car seats, particularly rear-facing car seats. But there were some rear-facing concerns that arose.

When it comes to investing in items for your kids, it’s important to remember that all our needs are different. The items we choose are dependent on our lifestyle, our financial situations and what’s best for baby. When choosing an infant seat, find a reputable brand that you can trust, that has the highest level of safety… A seat that’s functional and comfortable for your child considering that they spend quite a chunk of their lives in various seats.

Car seats are expensive. Better car seats are more expensive. The cost of car seats is a common debate, even though in the end it isn’t really relevant. The safest car seat for you is the best one you can afford that installs safely in your car and matches the weight, height and age needs of your child.