Monthly Archives: October 2017

We know that moms, always being the cautious ones, often feel skeptical about trampolines and the prospect of their kid bouncing on one. Much of it is due to unfounded rumors or exaggerations. It’s only unfortunate that the benefits of trampolines don’t get passed around as often… to the detriment of everyone involved. Let’s clear […]

A birthday is a special occasion that comes just once a year. Kids and family alike wait the entire year to celebrate that special day with family, friends, and relatives. As the big day nears, the excitement of receiving gifts becomes unbearable for the little one! But besides gifts, why not try to make the […]

Everything seemingly is turned upside down in an instant. Your schedules change, your eating habits change, your sleep habits change (a lot!), and you’re constantly worried about your little one. There’s no need to be overly stressed about everything that could possibly happen, but it’s always good to be vigilant. Bugs and Pests Every home […]

You’ve almost seen your child through 12 or so years of school; and now, over the next weeks, it’s going to be time for them prepare for, and write those final Matric exams.   Matric is that bridge linking the closing of the protected child chapter of their life and their beginning as a young […]

Ensuring that your child has good self confidence is very important. For your kid to do well in life, it is critical that he/she believes in himself/herself from an early age. You do not want your kid to feel inferior or inclined to worry too much about his/her inabilities rather than abilities. You need your […]