Raising Kids Positively Author

​Unfortunately bullying, especially cyber-bullying is a major problem facing children. Sadly it isn’t ‘just an inevitable part of growing up’. Research shows that whether your child is being bullied, being the bully, or watching their friend being bullied, they need help. It affects everyone (even you as parents) and often has a major impact on […]

What you say, and how you say it Your words, (and how you say them), are being absorbed by your kids all the time.  Neuroscientist, Louis Cozolino, tells us that the amygdala (that part of our brain that is activated in fear situations) pays special attention to anger signals, while positive, warm encouragement increases serotonin […]

Searching for some easy ways to help your kids feel good about themselves? A practical way to build their self-esteem is to focus on just four qualities. Belonging is about meaningful connections with others. Kids, who feel they belong, feel safer, self-assured and better at managing challenges. This is why when friends exclude them it […]

The Garden Route fires took everyone by surprise. After a trauma, it’s completely natural to be in a state of shock and disbelief. Many deny the reality, become angry and/or disillusioned, as they begin to face the deep sense of loss of what was. Over time most will be able to come to a place […]

It’s exciting times! Did you know that new legislation passed in October makes spanking your child illegal? This is a win for children’s rights in our country, where rates of child violence are some of the highest in the world. Wessel Van der Berg (child rights and positive parenting portfolio manager) for the NGO Sonke […]

One of the easiest and fastest ways for grown-ups to feel like kids again is to play games with them. It turns out playing games are actually really good for us. Carol Surya, author and child psychologist who has developed the children’s self esteem game, InnerMagic™ explains why:  1. Games promote family fun and togetherness […]