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Language is considered a verbal behaviour which is learned by means of the environment. A parent / caregiver and other significant adults in a child’s life provide modelling and reinforcement of these learned language structures and of speech (Allyn & Bacon, 2001). The caregiving environment is therefore extremely important to the child’s development. Early in […]

There is absolutely no doubt that grandparents engender a tremendous sense of stability and connection when they are included in the upbringing of children. Their relationship with their grandchildren often reflects feelings of comfort and security in a way that is indefinable but powerful, and cannot be underestimated. Grandparents help children to understand their place […]

There are many terms that teachers, psychologists and other professionals may use that, at times, are perhaps not explained effectively leaving parents at a loss to the significance of these difficulties. It is important to understand what the importance of these conditions are, (especially if they have been mentioned in your child’s school report) what […]

Let’s face it, we all need to learn healthy coping skills, but adolescence is a particularly stressful time, when making healthy choices is so important. With hormones raging, peer pressure at its peak, sometimes overwhelming high school stress caused by erratic relationships and high expectations, conflict with parents and a driving desire to explore their […]

You may have fluctuating emotions when it comes to introducing solids. You may eagerly wait that first mouthful and be pinning a lot of hope on solids getting your baby to sleep better, while at the same time feel sad as the realization dawns that your baby is growing up. Many mistruths and myths surround when […]

Hearing is an essential part of development as it enables babies to take in information about the world around them. It stimulates brain development and is critical for language development. For this reason, it is vital to identify and address hearing difficulties as early as possible. By the 16th week of pregnancy, the tiny bones […]