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“Mama or Dada” – these are usually the most common first two words that babies utter when learning to speak creating a special and close bond between parent and child. The relationship parents begin to have with their new born baby is almost indescribable. Right from birth and through childhood, children are attached to their […]

By reflecting on both the highs and lows, we can gain valuable insights and feedback for ourselves to help guide us going forward. Here’s why: The lows Often lows are referred to as failures. I don’t believe in failures, only feedback. Each experience can teach us something about ourselves and the situation. When reflecting on […]

Underneath anger is hurt and pain. Underneath tears is hurt and pain. It is the same emotion, just expressed differently…. Anger is a signal that something is wrong, we are in a state of stress/distress and are being triggered. Whatever it is that we are facing needs to be resolved in order for us to […]

Our whole life revolves around relationships. In fact we were born to be in relationships and to have a connection with others – we are social animals by nature, we need to be social to survive and society determines our human personality. We start off our life in a relationship i.e. our parents are in […]

Are you constantly fighting and in the “here we go again” cycle….? Do you want to fix it? Everyone faces challenges in their life or relationship where they need a little help, I’m here to tell you that you do not have to face this time alone.  You are probably moving through one of the […]