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By using four simple, yet powerful steps from the Love and Logic Institute, parents can give their children the gifts of responsibility and self–esteem. With these gifts, dads will become heroes in their children’s hearts and Father’s Day will become a true celebration of love and respect. Get started now by using the following steps: […]

The famous human sexual response researcher, William Masters (1925 – 2001), an American gynaecologist, was known to play a game with newborn boys during delivery: ‘Can I get the cord cut before the kid has an erection?’ He often failed since most boys are born with a fully erect penis. He also observed that all […]

In a fast paced world where people are constantly chasing time, deadlines, and are driven by the need to succeed, high levels of stress are common place. Medical research has shown time and again that chronic stress can have a negative impact on long-term health, but the implications on fertility and the ability to conceive […]

Understanding misbehavior is the first step to both preventing it and dealing with it when it happens. Our modern lifestyles mean things are fast-paced and intense and we often, as parents, don’t take the time necessary to understand what is going on with our kids. All misbehaviour is simply a result. What we need to […]