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Picky eaters come in all shapes and sizes and so do their parents. I define a picky eater as someone who limits what he or she is willing to eat, won’t try new foods and won’t give a rebuffed food a second chance. Food allergies or sensitivities, sensory issues or an honest dislike of a […]

Would you like to know one of the most important steps parents can take in order to get their child sleeping through the night? It’s very simple, very easy… and actually pretty fun, too! It’s setting up a bedtime routine. Now, I know you might be thinking “Oh, I already know about bedtime routines,” but stick […]

Mrs M, with her short straight black hair and angular face, peered suspiciously at us, pacing the grade five class, blurting out English words at timed intervals. It was our job to translate these into Afrikaans and spell them correctly within the allocated time. I’d studied for the test as I always did and I […]

There are many things that simply cannot be studied from the pages of a book, and essential life and social skills are good examples. These lessons are best learned from direct experience and purposeful reflection, which is the core of Experiential Education (EE) philosophy, and the result of many youth camp experiences. Experiential Education is […]

Do you have a busy child who is always running around, struggles to fall asleep before 10 at night, shouts out answers in the class, has difficulty concentrating and sitting still? Your child may be suffering from ADHD or ADD. But what is ADHD/ADD? Does my child need medication? Is the medication dangerous? Medical professionals […]

The detached dad, turning up his nose at parenting duties has changed dramatically over the years. Do you even get dad’s like this these days? In a recent study which surveyed 3,881 fathers across America who lived at home with their families. 90% of 1,790 men with children aged under five, said they took on […]

You’ve met someone really nice and you’re starting to think he/she may just be the “one”. There’s just one little problem (or maybe more) if you’re divorced and upwards of mid 30 – the children. If we’re dating while raising children, we have to integrate and balance the responsibilities of parenthood and take into consideration […]

“Joshua, it’s time for dinner…” No answer. Is he ignoring me? Or maybe he didn’t hear me…? Maybe I should get those ears checked… When is it worthwhile taking your child for a hearing test? Perhaps you recall your child had a hearing test at birth. Or perhaps there was so much going on that […]