We have all seen children having tantrums at some stage. If you have a toddler you sympathise with the parents. If you don’t, you shake your head and quietly think ‘mine would NEVER do that’. Well they will and when you don’t want them to. Temper tantrums are synonymous with the toddler years. The tantrum […]

We are often asked by moms in our classes – “When do I start to teach my toddler to cut?”   Followed by: “How do I do it? Isn’t it dangerous?”  We hope to answer some of your questions here and put your mind at ease. Cutting is a fine motor skill and hence takes […]

Today, technology is part of our everyday lives – a telephone call, a quick SMS or WhatsApp, a glance at our friend’s new Facebook post, updating our Twitter feed, writing up an urgent email, the list goes on. But how does this affect our children? The answer is: We are still learning. Does parental interruption […]

Are they really? The best shoes for your toddler are no shoes at all! You often see moms so obsessed with buying the correct shoe that they forget that their toddler needs to walk barefoot as well. Walking bare foot helps build arches and strengthens ankles. Walking on uneven surfaces like sand and the grass […]

There is nothing new about the fact that children love doing puzzles. In most shapes or forms, puzzles can keep your child entertained for hours. And the really great news? Puzzles can help turn your child into a genius. Okay, perhaps not all children who do puzzles will automatically turn into mini-Einstein’s (here’s hoping though), […]

Just because a purple dinosaur says so doesn’t mean it’s going to happen no matter how many times we repeat this. Sharing is just not in a toddler’s vocabulary when they are 2 years old.  To the toddler there is no yours, mine and ours. It’s all mine! He is only just learning that things […]

Parenting is a joy but it can also be overwhelming and just a little daunting. There is no degree or diploma, you are simply launched into it and there’s a steep learning curve.  You instantly have a new life depending on you and, combined with sleep deprivation, the challenges of adjusting to being a parent […]

Would you like to know one of the most important steps parents can take in order to get their child sleeping through the night? It’s very simple, very easy… and actually pretty fun, too! It’s setting up a bedtime routine. Now, I know you might be thinking “Oh, I already know about bedtime routines,” but stick […]