Shortly after it was announced that History may become a compulsory subject in South African schools up to Grade 12, the country was abuzz with the news. The biggest objection is most likely about its presentation and people are concerned that preference will be given to one group’s history, and that it will lead to […]

South Africa currently has ten World Heritage Sites, of which the Barberton Makhonjwa Mountains and the Khomani Cultural Landscape are the newest additions to the list, as appointed by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). With nearly one World Heritage Site per province, South Africa is truly unique! While our country boasts with […]

ARTICLE BY PROF RITA NIEMANN, NALIZE MARAIS, ZENDRÉ SWANEPOEL AND MONIERA MOOSA Bullying is a great concern for both parents and schools. Here we outline a number of measures that can help them both parties deal with bullying. Parents When parents notice that their child is behaving differently – not wanting to go to school, […]

“Kids are pure potential.” Don’t you just love this statement? It sums up our children’s infinite ability to learn and presents us with the opportunity in assisting them in discovering the world and shaping their futures. Here’s an interesting five minute exercise to do at home with your child of almost any age (even adults […]

Slip, slide, bump, bash, climb, wibble and wobble! Who knew so much fun could be so valuable?! Having access to a safe, clean and developmentally appropriate playground can have far reaching benefits for the leaders of tomorrow! In an age where there is a tendency for little ones to be involved in more sedentary play, […]

There is such a sense of joy, warmth and togetherness that comes when we read with our children. It is a time when we can cuddle up together and let our minds float to the places the story takes us. This is a time for bonding with your child; a time when you are both […]

Megan struggles to read. She is eight years old and everyone in her class seems to read better than her. Megan tries really hard but it never gets easier. She feels silly. Mom thinks Megan has dyslexia. According to popular belief, dyslexia is a disorder which causes kids to struggle with reading, spelling, writing and […]