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The announcement by the South African government that children aged 12-18 are now eligible for Covid-19 vaccination has brought with it intense discussion around consent and the rights of minors. While this is so far a theoretical concern, given that most children in that age group will need their parents’ help to register for and […]

One of the most exciting events in life is to bring a new baby into this world!  But little do we know how much pressure it puts on us as new parents, to ensure that we do everything right for this new little bundle of joy.  From worrying about feeding to whether or not this […]

Chicco, world leaders in baby travel, introduce the brand new toddler seat, the all-round, comprehensive Oasys 2-3 Evo FixPlus – perfect for the forward-facing part of your child’s car travels. Relax and #parentmore knowing your little one is as protected as can get with the rigorous safety standards that come with every Chicco car seat. […]

Milestones are often reached at different times by different children. Speech is one of them. If your young toddler is on the verge of speaking, starting to babble, and you want to help them along – try these tips 1. Talk  A lot. You may not think this, but your child can already start taking […]

Koa Academy embraces a high-contact philosophy where children belong to an 8-person Pod guided by a dedicated teacher.  While timetables are individual and terms are flexible for each family, the Pod gathers together each school day providing opportunities to develop collaboration, critical thinking, emotional intelligence and communication skills.  The Academy is a provider of the […]

When our children are babies it is clear what the guidelines indicate when it comes to safe sleeping.  The cot area should be clear (NO blanket, NO pillow, NO cot bumper), the mattress should be firm and breathable, and you should always put your baby down on their back. When my daughter moved to a big bed […]

By now you know that creating a predictable bedtime routine helps set your child up for a better nights rest. A previous blog about Bedtime and Naptime rituals for Toddlers mentioned how reading a book together at bedtime promotes cognitive development as well as bonding between you and your little one. But there is more. Interactive, shared […]

Autonomy Research Ltd recently released findings of a study they performed across the PCS Scotland trade union and FDA trade union members on the impact and feasibility of shorter working weeks. Findings indicate that a wide range of business areas can afford to move to shorter working weeks. After collecting data from more than 2000 […]

Creating a sleep-friendly environment for your child is an essential factor to provide a good night’s rest. Children take time to fall asleep; it depends on how sleepy they feel after their bedtime routine and if their naps during the day were successful. It is vital to ensure that their daytime routines and bedtime routines […]

Koa Academy to host free parent webinar The global pandemic has emphasized how important our digital world is to modern life as we pivoted out of necessity to remote working, at-home schooling and online shopping.  Many millions of us got our first experiences of certain digital platforms and applications that have now become part of […]

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