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Snap Ships are coming to Parenting Hub this September! Be sure to check back soon to learn more about this exciting toy on the market just in time for Christmas! Sharing is caring…

The devastating effects of Cyberbullying in South Africa and how Wingu Academy protects and supports Wingu students. Did you know that South Africa has the fourth highest rate of cyberbullying worldwide according to a global survey by YouGov? The survey found that one out of every five teens fall prey to cyberbullying and 84% of […]

As we all know, our skin is our biggest organ, and our skin is affected by EVERYTHING in life – our lifestyle, what we eat, drink, medication, sun exposure and also when we are sick. With this pandemic, a lot of focus has been on the vaccines, and obviously the main focus is to stop […]

Have you ever explored jobs for introverts? We’re guessing that’s not exactly a search term you use in your job hunting efforts. But for every kind of personality, there’s a career path that matches characteristics and meets personal and professional goals. Some people thrive in roles that demand daily interaction with others. But others might […]

Parents are excited by every indication of developmental advance shown by their baby. ‘Look, he’s pushing his head up off the mattress!’ ‘Did you see her grab that rattle and hold on to it?’ These advances may not appear to be ‘great leaps forward,’ but they are. And the advances that perhaps produce the greatest […]

In an ideal world, children’s supplements would not be necessary as most of their nutrients would come from the food they consume on a daily basis, such as fruit, vegetables, grains and dairy. Today, with busy schedules and fussy eaters, often our children fail to eat enough of the right foods to obtain the necessary […]

Bonitas Medical Fund reported its financial results for 2020, with significantly bolstered reserves of R6.1 billion. Luke Woodhouse, Chief Financial Officer of Bonitas says, ‘The Fund, which has 40 years’ experience in the medical aid industry, had 333 141 principal members and total beneficiaries of 710 157 as of 31 December 2020. This accounts for 14% of […]

If you are anything like me, you like when a product works seamlessly from one device to another. And while this may be a small feature, it really can make life a little easier.  Imagine a life where you can ask your child to immediately disconnect their console from the TV because your favourite show […]

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