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Many of us have experienced that sinking feeling when we realise we’ve been conned. If you’re lucky, you may have lost only a battered old wallet containing a few banknotes. Others may not be so fortunate. Media regularly carry reports of highly experienced business leaders who’ve lost substantial amounts after falling prey to smooth-talking conmen […]

There’s more to choosing makeup than finding your perfect colour match and selecting products that offer great value. When purchasing makeup, it’s important to take the formula into account, not only to ensure it offers comfortable wear and easy application, but also to ensure it is suitable for your skin type.  There are so many […]

Join your favourite Mushroom Kingdom characters on the fairway for a super speedy round of golf. With Mario Golf: Super Rush, the Mario Golf series makes its return in its speediest instalment yet. Players can join a variety of Mushroom Kingdom characters in different multiplayer modes or start your own Golf Adventure now that the game is […]

Matric students who want to study in the United States and United Kingdom next year need to start preparing their applications now. With global admission trends showing a record increase in applicants for the class of 2025, students competing for places at top universities abroad will be facing a tough admissions environment.  “When it comes […]

We’re so fortunate in South Africa as many of us have domestic employees to help us raise our children right and keep our homes and gardens in tip-top condition. Unfortunately, less than half of those domestic employees have the security of a formal work contract. This means that they could be unfairly disciplined or dismissed, […]

REMY is a short story revolving around the everyday life of a school boy named Remy. This young boy has very own battles to face and conquer. Along the way, comfort characters not only come to give him comfort but some guidance which would really love to master.  Naidoo has written an encouraging story to […]

Critical thinking skills are, well, critical in the workplace. From helping employees solve problems to ensuring they can build strategies that make them better at their jobs, this skill is something all professionals need. But what exactly is critical thinking, and why is it so important in the workplace?  Here’s what you need to know: […]

Thanks to advanced formulas, sunless tanning products, also called self-tanners have come a long way over the years, offering a safer alternative to baking in the sun and exposing your skin to harmful UV rays. With literally hundreds of self-tanning products out there, all claiming to be the best, we know that finding the perfect […]

“Lactose intolerance is not a milk allergy, but a gastrointestinal disturbance that happens after consuming more lactose than the body can handle”, says Maretha Vermaak, registered dietitian at Rediscover Dairy. “It is merely the inability to digest the sugar naturally found in milk and milk products, called lactose.”  Lactose consists of two sugar components, namely […]

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