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Au naturel – this year is all about embracing your curls and showing off your crown in all its glory! With more and more women embracing their waves and curls, the natural hair trend is bigger now than ever. Curl thirst is a real thing! As amazing as they are, curls are more prone to dryness than […]

Hello Good Stuff is a range released by beauty cosmetic company essence. Their beauty line motto is Bye Bye Bad Stuff … Hello Good Stuff. Their products their definitely live up to their slogan. From serums to creams, everything is made from vegan natural ingredients to glow up your skincare routine.  The Hello Good Stuff […]

Developing organisational skills is important in holistic child development, and a key step in their path towards independence and academic success. Children are capable and competent and will respond to the opportunity to be organised, an education expert says. “Organisational skills help children create order in their environment and the world, and they feel empowered […]

About one in three people tend to skip breakfast. Breakfast is undeniably one of the most important meals of the day and smoothies are a quick and easy way to provide you with all the important nutrients you need to start your day. Why smoothies for breakfast? They can be prepared with as little as […]

As the number of COVID-19 cases continues its upward trend, more stringent lockdown regulations could follow, including the closure of schools and a return to more regular remote learning.  Several schools have already taken the step to start closing partially or fully amid community or localised outbreaks. In addition, many parents may be taking their […]

Did you know that, according to the Western Cape Department of Labour, less than half of South African households comply with the laws governing the employment of domestic workers? Because of this, many domestic workers are exploited by their employers. Newly launched local mobile app MiVoice aims to help break this cycle by managing domestic employee relationships […]

Tired of gifting Dad new socks and hankies every Father’s Day? It’s time to switch it up. This year, we’re swapping out predictable accessories for great quality, trendy grooming products he’ll love. After all, dads need some TLC too! Here’s our guide to finding a fantastic Father’s Day gift. Up his scent game A new […]

Long gone are the razor-thin, over-plucked eyebrows of the 1990s, and the thin delicate arches of the 1970s. For the past couple of years, strong, bold eyebrows are on-trend every season, and show no signs of slowing down. But that hasn’t always been the case. Back in the 70s and 90s, women plucked their eyebrows […]

As a first-time parent, you may have thought that the most challenging part of parenting would be the newborn stage. Little did you realize the trials you would face as you enter the toddler years. Little personalities coupled with big emotions and an inability to express themselves makes it feel like you are having a […]

Baby’s First Blocks Open a bucket of fun for your little one with Baby’s First Blocks. These chunky, colorful blocks help introduce colors and shapes as babies sort, stack and drop the blocks through the slots in the bucket lid.Open a bucket of fun for your little one with Baby’s First Blocks.… Open a bucket of fun for your little one with […]

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