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Education, as we have known it for the past 100 years, is fixated on academic prowess. The percentage on the report card has always been the benchmark by which we believe we can determine if a child will become a successful adult, or not. Cindy Glass, Director and Co-founder of Step Up Education Centres says “Self-worth is too often determined by academic assessments. Emotional walls are built, intelligence is defined, negative behaviours are acted upon, anxieties and depression are pandemic in young people – all because of society’s fixation on that percentage on the report.”

The idea of writing exams rarely brings about emotions of excitement and happy anticipation! In fact, feelings of anxiety, panic and outright fear are what most parents and learners experience when exam time comes knocking at their door! Cindy Glass, Director and Co-founder of Step Up Education Centres says “Generation after generation, people have passed on the baton of fear, anxiety and dread when it comes to exams. The stories are familiar to us all:

Matric learners all over South Africa have the finish line in sight as the race to complete their schooling career nears its end. Cindy Glass, Director and Co-founder of Step Up Education Centres explains “There is no doubt that the upcoming Trial and Final exams can be a source of anxiety and stress for most, if not all, Grade 12 learners-and their parents! The task ahead can feel overwhelmingly challenging and the resulting fear-of-failure can and, too-often, does become counter-productive in the learning process.”

Our Grade 9 learners are currently standing at the crossroad of having to make subject-choices. This, in itself, does not seem to be too big a deal… EXCEPT that the subject choices that they make now will impact their path into the future. In addition, many, if not most, Grade 9 learners are not yet sure of what they want to do when they have finished school.

No one said that parenting would be easy, but it doesn’t have to be a struggle. Although it’s normal to worry about your kids when they’re heading off to school, you can lower those anxiety levels by preparing for the transition. You also need to accept that your child is growing, and you can’t keep him or her in a protective bubble. In fact, over protective parenting can have far worse consequences for your child, persisting into adulthood. If you’re worried about frequent infections, fatigue or low energy, learning problems, and so on, there are steps that you can take to better prepare your child for the demands and stress of schooling. Before you try to impart good habits and practices to your child, just remember that kids can be quick to call you out on your hypocrisy and double standards, so be a good role model, or learn to cheat smart and not get caught!

For a parent, nothing eliminates the burden of entertaining your child more than handing them your smartphone. The issues with this are all too familiar. Impaired vision and potential phone addiction come to mind, but excessive screen time can actually have much deeper, longer-lasting effects. A study by Lancet Child & Adolescent Healthshowed that children who […]

The children’s song ‘Go Bananas! Eat Eat Bananas!’ carries some good advice for parents. Bananas are a fantastic fruit option for children six months and older as they are soft, easy to eat and they don’t have seeds that could pose a choking risk for young children. However, more than the delicious taste and smooth […]

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