Monthly Archives: May 2018

It’s a magical moment that inspires all kinds of storytelling when kids play with the Barbie Dreamtopia Flying Wings fairy doll. Simply attach one of the two sets of included flying wings to the butterfly wings on Barbie® fairy doll’s back. They snap right in to create a gorgeous double set of wings. Then pull […]

How many times have your little one’s come to you to make slime?  Its the latest craze is slime DIY. I cannot tell you how many various recipes we have used to make slime. Bring on Slime DIY… it makes making slime as easy as 1…2…3 Slime DIY is suitable for ages 6+. You simply […]

Eye allergies are surprisingly common in children in South Africa and unfortunately, this phenomenon appears to be on the increase. Some children will experience eye allergies as infants and young children but outgrow it as adults, while others will continue to battle with it right into adulthood. If one of the child’s biological parents suffers […]

When you’re a young parent with a full plate of responsibilities and a host of baby expenses, buying life insurance is probably not a priority. But research shows that young parents need cover the most and 75%* don’t have any. Your kids will be financially dependent on you for at least the first 20 years […]

In coming months, Grade Nines will choose which subjects to pursue during their final school years, on which they will be tested when they sit for their final Matric exams. And while the Department of Basic Education recently announced the withdrawal of the “designated subject” list – the list of subjects from which students who […]

Given how important financial skills are to navigating life, it’s surprising that schools don’t teach children more about money. Making smart financial decisions is important to ensure that children grow up to be economically active citizens and are empowered to build a bright future for themselves. Nelly Mofokeng, MD at Junior Achievement South Africa(JA South […]

Diet – probably one of the most dreaded four-letter words in domestic history. The reason why nutrition often feels like a real burden is because our society’s concept of and relationship with food are quite rotten. As a result, there exists a confusing mess of contradicting information on what really constitutes a “healthy diet”. To […]