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There are a few small steps to follow to make infant massage successful. Get yourself ready.  Make massage part of your daily routine.  Keep interaction the main aim, rather than getting the  massage routine right. Keep in mind, touch is natural, and massage is simply stylised touch. Massaging your baby allows for bonding, ensuring extra […]

The world for the pregnant woman is one filled with excitement, anticipation, anxiety and, in many instances, a very real fear or trepidation, particularly for first timers. HypnoBirthing® is designed to alleviate the factors which cause fear, allowing you to birth your baby using your body’s natural, perfectly designed, and ultra-efficient muscles and pain relief […]

Most parents will attest that watching a child go through the discomfort of a fever can be very stressful on both emotional and practical levels. Knowing just what to do, and when to do it, is a challenge moms have faced for many generations. Clinically speaking, fever is a normal physiological response that allows the […]

When you’re a new mom or dad, it can be a huge challenge to parent a baby who’s always cranky. Friends may say your baby is “colicky” or suffer from “reflux” What’s going on and how can you make it through this? COLIC Colic is common, poorly understood & frustrating feeding problem and cause considerable […]

In coming months, Grade 9’s will have to select the subjects they want to pursue from next year until they write their final Matric exams. While making the call is an exciting exercise for some, others struggle with the commitment, especially when they are not yet sure what they want to study after school. “Subject […]

There may come a time in your marriage where you realise that your partner’s negative behaviour is becoming detrimental to both you and your children. What do you do in a situation like this? What if your partner won’t accept getting divorced? What if you are not working or are afraid to work longer hours […]

 According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), every year there are around 5 million cases of severe flu with between 250 000 and 500 000 resulting in death. In South Africa the flu ‘high’ season is usually from April/ May through to August/September. Called ‘seasonal influenza,’ flu spreads very quickly, especially in crowded areas such as schools […]

Selective eating or fussiness is a common phenomenon among toddlers, children and even adults. This may be a more serious situation than “I just can’t stand spinach”, and this may include toddlers or children who refuse food or meals altogether or limit, restrict or avoid total foods and food groups due to taste preference or […]