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Signs Of Reading Readiness

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Parents raise readers and teachers teach reading

The best advice I can give you is, do not rush your child into reading.  Preparation is key; the better and more sound the foundation for reading is the easier and quicker your child will learn to read.

If your child is showing the following signs he is well on his way to becoming a reader.  Give yourself a pat on the back; you must be doing something right.  Well done Mom and Dad.

Signs of reading readiness

Your child:

  • Knows about books – i.e., holds a book the right way up, knows where its starts and ends
  • Knows letter names and sounds
  • Good use of language – speaks clearly, understand instructions, articulates his thoughts and feelings using the correct words
  • Loves to listen to stories
  • Able to sit still and listen to a story
  • Can rhyme simple words – cat, hat, sat
  • Recognises own name and start recognises simple words like, mom, dad
  • Becoming aware of print and will say things like, ‘what does that word say’, whilst being read to.
  • Awareness of print around – billboards, advertising signs like MacDonalds, coke, etc.
  • Begins to relate what is being read to him to his own experiences, for example whilst reading a book about dogs your child may say, ‘I have a dog called….’

As parents continue to read daily, give plenty of support and encouragement as your child starts experimenting with reading, but DO NOT push.  Learning to read takes time and develops in stages, just enjoy the journey.

The greatest gift you can give your child is the gift of reading.

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