Monthly Archives: February 2017

Do you consider yourself to be a happy parent? Have you ever asked another adult in your life if they think you are? It might be interesting to see how others perceive you. What about your children, would they say that you’re a happy parent? Many parents are not happy, just look around you at […]

Slip, slide, bump, bash, climb, wibble and wobble! Who knew so much fun could be so valuable?! Having access to a safe, clean and developmentally appropriate playground can have far reaching benefits for the leaders of tomorrow! In an age where there is a tendency for little ones to be involved in more sedentary play, […]

Parents need to do more to protect their kids from the growing number of online threats, but many currently lack visibility of the dangers their children are facing. New global research from Kaspersky Lab reveals that only a quarter (26%) use parental control software to help restrict their kids’ activity online. Worryingly, among those parents […]

Parenting is a joy but it can also be overwhelming and just a little daunting. There is no degree or diploma, you are simply launched into it and there’s a steep learning curve.  You instantly have a new life depending on you and, combined with sleep deprivation, the challenges of adjusting to being a parent […]

It’s no longer a secret that the vast majority of us are blissfully unaware sugar addicts.  Modern conveniences in consumables are great at making life easier in the short term, but what about the long term implications? A report published in 2009 showcases that food addiction is plausible as “brain pathways that evolved to respond to natural […]

Baby showers come around every now and then for most ladies, until you reach a certain age, then they seem to become a monthly occurrence. Gift opening most often seems to be the highlight of the day with many oohh’s and aahh’s as the tiny outfits and other gifts are put on display. BUT what […]

Hands up who’s not sad that 2016 is over! I know it’s a relief to be in 2017, even though it seemed to arrive so quickly I know I need another holiday! Seriously though, personally if I get another email suggesting a retreat to set my goals or a quick formula that will help me […]