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No goals set? That’s okay!

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Hands up who’s not sad that 2016 is over! I know it’s a relief to be in 2017, even though it seemed to arrive so quickly I know I need another holiday!

Seriously though, personally if I get another email suggesting a retreat to set my goals or a quick formula that will help me set goals & change my life around forever “Ag asseblief!” is not going to be my response.

I don’t believe in this annual “let’s set goals, it’s the new year”. Inevitably they lead to the usual knee jerk type response such as “I need to lose weight, stop smoking, and get a better job”. There’s no soul in the goals set.

What do I suggest you do?

Firstly, wait until the back to school madness is over. Between buying stationery & finding a bookstore that actually stocks the required text books, I personally don’t have time to think about what I would like to achieve for the year. Or after a major change in your life.

Secondly, complete an exercise where you get to know what your values are. This is important because they underpin our decision making, consciously & unconsciously and yes, they do change.

Thirdly, have a look at the various aspects of your life & honestly look at where you may need to make changes. Choose one that you feel is the most important to you.

Then, what is that one “big thing” you want to achieve in life? It could be to live in a certain suburb, climb the corporate ladder to a certain position or open your own business. This is something that must speak to your soul; this becomes your main goal. If you don’t have that “one big thing” that’s also okay.

Ask yourself “What is my one big thing?” & sometime, somewhere, an answer will pop into your head. It’s the goal that gives you butterflies in your stomach that has the people around you raise their eyebrows!

Lastly you need to create the little steps that are going to lead you to reaching your goals. Remember, it’s your “one big thing” and something in your life you want to change. You don’t need a long list of goals. If anything that will simply leave you feeling overwhelmed & then our best friend procrastination is going to come lurking.

And of course, none of this is going to work unless you …write….it….down! Whether it is in a journal or an app on your smart phone, write it down. Personally I prefer a real journal & pen as it engages your brain differently & apparently, we become more focused & creative.

Write down every little step, allocate them to your diary, tick them off as you go along.

Be kind to yourself. Life does happen & some days you are not going to be able to tick off that to-do-list. Keep trying.

Brutal honesty is also required. If you keep finding a reason to postpone a check list, ask yourself why. Do this 5 times and you’ll get to the real reason why. Then change your plan.

A goal, if it’s really something you want to achieve, never changes, only the steps to get there may need adjusting.

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