Monthly Archives: January 2017

Teeth are designed to last a lifetime. Why do so many people suffer during their lifetime with dental issues? Why do people lose some of their teeth or all their teeth during their lifetime? We as health professionals have an obligation to help people become aware of how precious teeth are and how important it […]

“A new fact on migraines and participating in sport” Claims that participating in sporting activities is detrimental for migraine patients are untrue – a new study found that participating in sporting activities actually has health benefits for migraine patients. The study, recently published in the Sports Neurology Journal ascertains that under Neurological supervision sporting activities […]

Last year was the hottest year on earth since record-taking began, but 2016 is expected to blow this record out of the water, which according to experts could trigger so-called ‘super allergies’. Mariska van Aswegen, spokesperson for Pharma Dynamics – a leading provider of antihistamine medication – says the weather and atmospheric temperature make a […]

Most medical aids have launched their benefits and premium contributions for 2017 and, as in the past, the increases passed on to members are double figures, which outstrip inflation. Bear in mind that your actual increase may be somewhat different because often these are weighted, vary from option to option or even from dependant to […]

By reflecting on both the highs and lows, we can gain valuable insights and feedback for ourselves to help guide us going forward. Here’s why: The lows Often lows are referred to as failures. I don’t believe in failures, only feedback. Each experience can teach us something about ourselves and the situation. When reflecting on […]

Many people are struggling with parenting given all of today’s modern technology, especially when it comes to the many omnipresent screens that children are currently using. Our grandparents were likely more concerned with a single screen, the one found on a lone television set in the living room. But nowadays, kids have a plethora of […]

Having a baby is expensive. I get that. I have two of my own. I also just got the updated school fees for 2018 for my son. Ouch!! With the cost of living these days, life can be stressful. We have been forced to cut back where we can and remove things we really don’t […]