Monthly Archives: September 2016

One day in 1994, my 9-year-old daughter called me at my office to tell me that she had left her lunch money at home again and needed me to bring it to her. This typical forgetfulness by my children was quite annoying but something I thought I was supposed to resolve as a father.  On […]

Knowledge Network has affordable, fun, exciting and challenging educational software for learners.  Designed to create a fun learning experience for all learners as well as educators to use in multi-cultural, multilingual learning environments, this software can be used both in the class-room and at home. Aimed at children of all ages, this interesting and innovative […]

A while back I was doing research & developing a workshop for an NGO on conflict. Amongst other things, it deals with certain areas that create conflict such as people’s different levels of motivation & value structures and is written with Life Coaching ethos in mind. The purpose is to give everyone attending the course […]

It can often seem overwhelming trying to keep up with the many demands in our daily lives, and even more so trying to ensure we provide our children with the best. The best in quality time, the best support, the best in providing for their physical needs, in education and in intervention. With information at […]

Chances are whether you are expecting twins are already have them, you constantly hear about the challenges in having twins, along with some colourful commentary. There may be challenges along the way, but having multiples is special and amazing and can teach you so much about yourself. Here are some moms comments on what they […]

At some point in time mom, you’re going to be faced with the problem of dealing with your child having head lice.  Whilst it can be rather unpleasant, Controlice Products from Nativa have been especially designed to make the process of ridding your child of lice, as pleasant as possible. Nativa have developed a range […]

I’m the proud mother of two girls. It’s something I boast about – how easy going they are, how they amuse themselves for hours and can keep quiet when necessary and take care of their own basic hygiene. I know, you mothers of boys will throw it back at me when my girls hit the […]

Today I had a long chat with a single dad, and he inspired me. He is about the most together, wise father I have ever had the privilege of talking to. His kids are almost grown now, but his approach to parenting really inspired me to write this article. He just gets it! He gets […]