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This is always a very difficult decision for a mom. You have been at home for thee months on maternity leave or maybe even longer and now its time to return to work. You are now tasked with finding someone that will love and care for your child the same way that you do. So […]

It is fair to say that just about all baby related business’s prey on new parents who are expecting multiples as they see this as an easy way to make more money. They will often mislead multiple parents into believing that if they pay a higher premium for something they will be getting a better […]

Taking care of yourself during a multiple pregnancy starts with eating well – except that little research has been done on what that means for a mother carrying multiples. In the absence of any real science, it’s probably best to aim for healthy, balanced meals. You will need to drink plenty of fluid, ideally eight […]

Your babies have arrived home and you are so excited to finally have two or even three bundles to finally put into the nursery that you have spent countless hours decorating. There has been many a day you have sat in the arm chair carefully positioned staring into the cots dreaming about the moment you […]

We live in country with many cultures and traditions. Have multiples is a special experience. Speaking to various parents I have realised there are many different cutlass ceremonies and beliefs to having Multiples. We spoke to three different moms. A Hindu mom, a Shona mom and a Ndebele mom. Ashana comes from a hindi speaking […]

I have been placing staff in homes to take care of children for 11 years now.  I am often asked by new parents why they should make use of an agency as opposed to sourcing someone on their own. Of course it is a lot cheaper to get someone out of the local newspaper, a […]

Chances are whether you are expecting twins are already have them, you constantly hear about the challenges in having twins, along with some colourful commentary. There may be challenges along the way, but having multiples is special and amazing and can teach you so much about yourself. Here are some moms comments on what they […]

What kind of terrain will you be strolling on? For bumpy or twisty roads, or if you’d like to running, camping or hiking with your babies flexible suspension and sturdy wheels. Look for a pram with bigger wheels. Crowded city pavements or busy malls require good suspension and wheels, but make sure they’re not too […]