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Are you constantly fighting and in the “here we go again” cycle….? Do you want to fix it? Everyone faces challenges in their life or relationship where they need a little help, I’m here to tell you that you do not have to face this time alone.  You are probably moving through one of the […]

Recently, my eight year old told me that I’m his greatest challenge in life and that he is tired of challenges, he just wants support. (The topic of our conversation was respect so you might see where he was going with this). I assured him that a challenge is not a bad thing for when […]

by Stephanie Harel “For 2 years, Johnny, a quiet 13-year-old boy was a human play-thing for some of his classmates. The teenagers badgered Johnny for money, forced him to swallow weeds and drink milk mixed with detergent, beat him up in the restroom and tied a string around his neck, leading him around as a […]

We are all aware that “we are what we eat”, however our knowledge is usually limited to the fact that the wrong foods could cause heart attacks, obesity and compromise our immune systems but the idea that they can also affect our minds, even our behaviour is less known. However Patrick Holford in his book […]

Mothers’ smoking during pregnancy is well-recognized as carrying a range of serious health risks for the unborn baby including fetal mortality, low birth weight, premature birth and a range of serious birth defects such as cleft palate, club foot and heart problems. Heart Defects Congenital heart defects are the most common type of birth defects, […]