By now you probably know that you’re pregnant, but some moms only find out during this week or later. Even if you haven’t started looking outwardly pregnant, there is a good chance you’re definitely feeling it, with the likes of fatigue and morning sickness. Your baby is going rapidly day-to-day, with continued brain and body […]

Week 6 of your pregnancy At week 6 of your pregnancy you’ll most likely know that you’re pregnant now, although some mom’s realise as quickly as 3 weeks or as late as 12. Every week your body is changing to accommodate for your growing little one. Your body at 6 weeks 6 weeks in and […]

Week five of your pregnancy is the week that many women find out that they are pregnant. You’ll notice the skipped period and your pregnancy test will come out positive, you’ll also start to notice some pregnancy symptoms if you hadn’t already. Your body at 5 weeks pregnant This week you’ll notice pregnancy symptoms, and […]

This may be the week that you realise that you’re pregnant. Many women don’t notice so early-on, but if you’ve been trying for a while you may  take a pregnancy test before when your next period was due. Your body at 4 weeks Although your body is changing, chances are you may not have noticed […]

Dealing with pregnancy can be tricky on its own, but when you have a toddler or young kids to look after things can become more difficult. If this is your second pregnancy, you may be struggling with morning sickness, fatigue and a tired achy body and still having to look after another young child.  You’re […]

As an expecting mom with a career you may be wondering when the best time would be to stop working and how you can stay comfy and productive when you are still in the workplace. Morning sickness, back pain, frequent bathroom breaks and other pregnancy related symptoms can make working as you used to a […]

Congratulations, you’re pregnant… again. And whether this age gap was planned or not, you’d like to continue breastfeeding your baby / toddler through your pregnancy. Here’s what you need to know. In most cases, breastfeeding while pregnant is completely safe but it is also a very personal decision with many factors to account for. What […]

Babies can have fun with books long before they know any words, and they’ll also be picking up skills they will need later when they begin learning to read. Even small babies love listening to the sound of your voice as you share books cuddled up together, and they soon come to associate reading with […]

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